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One of the works areas of LVL-PHOTO studio is the creation of large-format photo pictures for the interior solutions. We create images as never before using creativity and the latest technology. Vladimir Petrov has the certificate of European qualification - QEP in the LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY category. You can evaluate the quality and detail of images by first clicking on the line SHOW DETAILS right over the image in the GALLERY, and then select the portion of the image. Our files allow you to print large format, high-quality images, limited only by the press technology.

The theme of the work is not only a landscape of remote corners of the world, but the nature and cityscapes of the Ural. You can request the views for the photography. Photo pictures are drawn in a contemporary style, some versions of design haven`t analogues in Russia. Photo pictures can be made under your interior. There are the maximum dimensions of this painting under each picture on the website. All photo pictures are limited edition and signed by the author.

The range of images is growing every time. You can learn with some images, and finished photo pictures - buy a permanent exhibition in the Pokrovskiy passage (Yekaterinburg), or Producer Center "ProLab Curator" (Moscow). You can order in our studio making photo pictures you like.